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All Access Lee Sklar Lee Sklar has been a prominent figure among Hollywood session bassists dating back to the ‘s and ever since. Sklar born Leland Bruce Sklar, May 28, , Milwaukee, WI has more than albums to his credit and still counting , and is considered to be one of the “A” players in the highly selective L. And never one to remain idle, Sklar has entered the new millennium with a vengeance, taking on new projects with Willie Nelson, Steven Curtis Chapman, Nils Lofgren, Lisa Loeb, and many more.

The reputation of a fine session player is not held exclusively to the record industry. Television and motion picture musical directors have called upon Sklar for his expertise countless times. The list is virtually endless.

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Both kits are stellar to play on, but have differences. Have used many different heads and with each change they give a new sound. The Yammies are more focused, the thicker shells and die-cast alloy rims make for drums that are both warm and precise in pitch and tone for the studio. If you like melodic drumming.

I have had them in the studio with the famed birch recording customs and thier clear focused tone is just a thing of beauty. As far as hardware is concerned.

When Were My Yamaha Drums Made?

You can put a set of RCs from each era with the same heads, same tuning, same everything, and not tell one from another in a blind test. We only know what we perceive as how the drums feel under the sticks whether or not a new drum series measures up to its older iterations. It is totally understandable that the old ones feel better to play than the new ones, for a myriad of reasons.

Mar 22,  · Hi everyone! I am a new member of this site. Nice to be on board! Question regarding Recording Customs. I’ve read that the pre-YESS/ Early YESS period (80’s-mid 90’s) was the hayday for YRC’s and yamaha drums in general.

Had to ship from Ohio to West Coast to get it. While I was there I sat on Yamaha’s latest top-of-the-line birch set. It felt like home right away. He tried everything in the store. He didn’t want to get off either. They say drums “age” into their tone as the wood grows older. Asked him why he was not playing the newer set. His response paraphrased was: I have a lot of different Yamaha kits. To make this gig I had to pull these out of storage. I forgot how good they are.

In fact, these may be my favorite drums, even better than my new ones. Drums seem to age, and these have aged well.

Yamaha Live Custom Oak Drum Set

They have “pre-yess” mounts and full-length Recording Custom-style lugs: It tells me it’s a RA series, but it doesn’t list Cherry as an available finish. From the date code “KK”, I’m guessing it was made in April of ??? I’m guessing this drum was made September of ?

So this is a true Recording custom drum kit from the golden years and it just sound the best. All virgin Shells! In january I had the pleasure of Steve Gadd visiting me in my home!

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All user reviews for the Yamaha Recording Custom

Felt pretty powerful sound according rglages. A drumkit that can play a number of varied music. But I must say that recently 4 months I switch brands because I dcouvers a lesser marks with many advantages:

Yamaha Recording Custom – posted in General: I posted my Yamaha Recording Custom kit locally on the Washington, DC hoping to be able to trade it for another RC kit with a smaller bass. I had one inquiry from someone out of state, but he decided to keep his. My kit is Cobalt Blue and the sizes are 24, 10×10, 13×11, 16x I believe those are the correct depths off the top of my head.

It translates those qualities very well when formed into a cylinder with two tympanic membranes stretched across it and coiled wires added to the bottom. The result can be stunning. Stainless Steel Choosing a snare drum that “speaks” to you can be a challenge. Many of us who began playing in middle school started with a metal snare drum. Metal snares tend to be more versatile in various music genres than their wooden counterparts.

Stainless steel snare drums have a much wider dynamic range than most wooden snare drums; you can go from a concert arena forte sound to a pianissimo volume without losing definition. The snare drum I was sent has 2. The drum is equipped with a Steve Gadd signature strand snare wire, which has a very crisp response. The stainless shell is 1. This is a very diverse drum that would serve any genre of music well. I liked the wide dynamic range it offers, particularly because it never loses definition and clarity.

It never becomes muddy with any changes in tuning. It’s also very visually appealing.

Urban Cookbook 3 by Goldbaby:

Had to ship from Ohio to West Coast to get it. While I was there I sat on Yamaha’s latest top-of-the-line birch set. It felt like home right away. He tried everything in the store. He didn’t want to get off either. They say drums “age” into their tone as the wood grows older.

When were my Yamaha Drums made? On every Yamaha Drum logo badge there are 2 sets of number/letter sequences. The model number of the drum is on the LEFT (IE: TTY). The serial number will always be to the RIGHT of the model number. Please use the information below to determine the production date.

I told Yamaha what I thought throughout the process, the result is that everything is a step up. The Bass Drum has a nice fat sound, the drum responds to different heads on it, and my goal was to have a simple Snare Drum design that could respond to a wide range of tuning. This ensures optimum sustain for the core sound, producing a crisp, articulate tone. All Birch Shell In addition to their punchy power, birch shells are known to reduce unwanted noise and prevent interference when drums are set up side-by-side.

The unique sonic characteristics of birch wood ensure that each stroke is clearly delineated, making it widely considered to be the ideal choice for recording environments. Lifted Style Bass Drum Steve prefers a 20 inch lifted bass drum, so we adopted this specification. We reduced interference from the floor to maximize the resonance of the shell, and increased the length of the pedal beater rod, centering it precisely to ensure absolute accuracy during performances.

This lifted bass drum produces a more punchy sound and accentuates the sound produced in the core of the shell.

When Were My Yamaha Drums Made?

I am a new member of this site. Nice to be on board! Question regarding Recording Customs. I heard that in the late 90’s the shell’s were of a poorer quality. I am just wondering if anyone has an opinion on this. Also, does anyone know when the YESS mounts were introduced?

The redesigned Yamaha Recording Custom drums are the drum sound of legendary sessions. A lifted bass drum also produces a more punchy sound and accentuates the .

All of the greatest drummers play them too. They really are amazing. My favorite equipment recommendation is to play what you love and what inspires you. Play the drums that make you want to play! What makes drums sound great is a great player making great music with a great team when everything technically comes together. We could also talk about cymbals, sticks, drumheads, etc.

In all drum making, even with custom-built drums, there are some elements that apply to everyone. Types of wood, the sizes, the rims, and the tom mounting system of the kit are probably the biggest factors of drum sound. I happen to play a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute series kit with aluminum die cast hoops. I do have other kits and about 15 snares, but this is my primary set up. But every maple kit has very similar characteristics.

Yamaha Drums

I was floored the first time I heard these drums and to me there are are only 2 kits that are a standard above the rest. Both are extremely well made, quality materials, craftmanship, most innovative, most immitated, most copied drums other drum makers use to set their standards against these. That would hinder the vibration of the shells resonance and notal area. Their series was their 1st with thinner shells some refer to them as their BlackEdge series still 6 ply Toms and 8 ply BD, next their pre yes series a thicker shell still 6ply Toms and 8 ply BD, then I consider there best yes series 90 on till 6 ply toms and 8ply BD.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Out of all the manufacturers of fine quality drums, whom do you pick? What drum set should be your next investment? First Glance Appealing to both the novice and professional, Yamaha design is quite timeless. From lug design to finishing options and hardware construction, these drums are easily considered industry standards. That being said, the best visual selling points are the finish options. The Matte Black and Dark Silver Metallic finish give a solid aesthetic to these drums, while the other 5 finishes allow for a very organic visual.

My personal favorite remains the Sapphire Blue. Now the real importance of these Drums Comes from the strength of the shell mounted hardware. Triple flange hoops, rigid lugs, and the improved YESS tom mounts offer lightweight, sturdy positioning with a small footprint. Immediately as I was setting up, I noticed how helpful the slotted bass drum legs, and padded hoop claws were to the kick.

The overarching tone of the Stage Custom is generic, lacking the strong characteristics exotic wood, hybrid, or metal shells possess; however, this works in its favor. In fact, birch may soon be giving maple a run for its money. What works for these shells is their versatility, but their composition must be taken at face value. When the tone of the drums is centered, they sing beautifully.

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